The Road [KS]

A card game dedicated exclusively to solo playing, set in a post-apo atmosphere. Preliminary data about this game indicate that the player’s goal will be to survive for 6 days in a hostile, ruined environment. We will look for items and weapons, but also gain allies. Each day will be defined by a special card that will determine its course and will probably affect the greater replayability of this position. The creators boast of the implemented system of choices made by the player, which will affect the plot of the game – at this stage, however, it is difficult to say something more.

As for the time that will have to be spent on one game, the box is to be 30 minutes (it is known from the practice of descriptions created by publishers that it can be different here), and a big plus is to be an express setup of the game (apparently 30 seconds.)

At a time of growing popularity of single-player games, The Road seems like an interesting card game. It is a pity that there is no board, everyone accustomed to the initiatives present on Kicktarter may lack plastic figurines – but this has affected the relatively low price. Theoretically, the game mode does not provide for the participation of more players, but in the tests the multiplayer mode was played with the participation of two players, on a cooperative basis. The topic itself, however, in my opinion, is always worth looking at such a position. My opinion is shared by quite a lot of players – the supporting counter is constantly growing, and the price, as for a “support” project, seems quite attractive.


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DesignerŸøssef Fårhi
PublisherAlone Editions
Year of release2021
# players1 – 1
Suggested # players Best with 1 players
Recommended with players
(6 voters)
Play time45
Suggested players age10 and up
CategoryAdventure, Card Game, Exploration
MechanicsSolo / Solitaire Game
FamilyCrowdfunding: Kickstarter, Players: Solitaire Only Games, Theme: Post-Apocalyptic, Theme: Survival
Primary titleThe Road

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