Darwin's Journey [KS]

This time, Simone Luciani, author of Tzolkin, Grand Austria Hotel, Voyages of Marco Polo or Il Lorenzo Magnifico (powerful portfolio!) with partnership of Nestore Mangone decided on a publishing model funded through Kickstarter.

We play the role of Charles Darwin, discover new genres, describe them, exhibit them in museums – but let’s face it, this is not a very thematic game, but it is palpable. In this case, we are dealing with a workerplacement game. So we put our workers in new fields, gaining specific resources and actions. What distinguishes this game is the system of developing your workers – by training them, we can reach for more developed actions. So we will create chains of action, which as the game progresses, will merge into larger and larger constructs, providing us with more and more and more. 🙂
So we are dealing with a typical euro game, i.e. without clear random elements. As can be seen from the gameplays, this game will certainly not perform all the actions that we would like to do – there is a short quilt effect. There is also a threat of paralyzing the pace of the game by the so-called freethinkers, who like to analyze all available options.
In short – a difficult position for the advanced is coming, with a fairly clearly outlined climate, efficiently walking for two people.

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