Top 7 board games for the main course of the evening


A novelty from the recognized in the world of board games Alexander Pfister – allows you to play single, unrelated games (it’s cool), or play a whole series of role-playing games – during which the board changes, new missions appear, some cards are thrown out of the game, etc. Very addictive, quite very complicated, with a lot of combining – more in our review available here.

Underwater Cities

That is, a multitude of strategies and great satisfaction from the participation in the game. More about this game in our review available here.


Older, you can say – a classic already for some position. In fact, to this day, in my opinion, no better way to bring Heroes of Might & Magic to the board has been invented. So we have extensive economic factors, the fight for dominance on the board, bidding for influence and various perks, fights on the board, the expansion of troops divided into many different units, heroes traveling around the board and doing their business, completing Quests. The add-on expands basically every aspect of the game, in some areas it may even be too 🙂 Its modularity and freedom to attach individual elements to the game, however, solves this problem. Big, long and complicated – a wonderful thing. You can read more about this game in our review available here.

Star Wars: Rebellion

From my favorite designer, Corey Konieczka. If you want to feel like one of the rebels and hide, combine and try to fight the all-encompassing evil, or you would like to feel what it is like to oppress and rule over most of the galaxy – you have to start this game. In principle, it is a game for two people, in an asymmetrical system – each side has different goals, it also has different means to achieve them. Two different styles of playing have been combined, and it works great. It is simply The Pond Wars in the Box.

Eldritch Horror

Big enough to get involved, but also lajtowa enough to relax and have a pleasant time, without overheating the cerebral ganglia too much. There is a lot of fate here, but thanks to this there is some emotion, the result is uncertain, and the satisfaction of saving the world is high:)

Terraformation of Mars

Long enough to keep you entertained for the entire evening. In addition, relatively simple to learn rules, based on the fact that most of the rules are on the cards. Settling Mars is generally a cool topic, and in this case efficiently realized. A lot of roads leading to winning, nicely interlocking mechanics, a nice process of mastering Mars and adapting it to human habitation. It’s no coincidence that an award-winning game.

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